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Our logo was inspired by an historic cover art illustration gracing the book "Bill Nye's History of England" subtitled "From The Druids To The Reign of Henry VIII". The court jester reading a book aligns perfectly with the book contents.

Far from a dry old history text, the book is a rollicking political satire of English history which was first published in 1896. The cover art which inspired our logo is from a turn of the century reprinting of the book published in 1900 by the J.B. Lippincott Company of Philadelphia after Nye's death.

(Many thanks to Liam of http://www.fromoldbooks.org for saving some of the better bits of history and the art of printing for all of us to honor and enjoy.)

The book contains cartoons by the gifted illustrators W. M. Goodes and A.M. Richards. Their political cartoons are very in keeping with the comical tongue-in-cheek political "history" of England penned by Nye.


Rumor has it that Bill Nye was once summoned to an audience with Queen Victoria who was "amused" by his book. In light of his penned political satire (which poked fun at the ruling elite), Nye decided it was best to send his regretful apologies for being unable to attend.


To create the logo an image of the cover art of Nye's book was digitized. Then the real work began. The piece was originally tri-color ink stamped onto a cloth bound cover through an overlay process. Because of this the natural cloth fibers, colored inks, and overlapped ink areas were present throughout. These all had to be digitally stripped away to reduce the image to a pure grayscale form.

The grayscaled image was then printed and completely redrawn by hand to create an original pen and ink rendition of the historic cover art. That pen and ink was then digitized. All colors used in our logo are sampled from the original book cover illustration.

All of this was done to honor the arts of publishing, authorship, and illustration. Bringing the venerable history of these arts to the new technologies of shared ideas is the future of publishing.


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